The World’s First Tidal Powered Deep Sea Container Terminal.

Centre Port Mission Statement

To provide guardianship of the ecology of The Wash and Fenlands, its agriculture and the preservation of the natural habitat in the face of escalating climate change.

To provide a major source of tidal energy to c600,000 homes and businesses in the region.

To boost the UK economy with the world’s first tidal energy-powered container port, capable of handling the world's largest container vessels trading with international deep sea markets.

To create local employment opportunities through new industries attracted by green energy.

To support the transport and logistics industries to reduce their carbon footprint.

Zero Pollution

Predictable Renewable Energy

Flood Defence for >1m People

International Trade

Connecting Lincolnshire with Norfolk to Create a New Powerhouse

Preserving the Natural Habitat


The Wash is a natural area in terms of wildlife and low-level communities, at or only a few feet above sea level in most cases. The risk to both in terms of strengthening climate change cannot be ignored until 2050.

Centre of the UK.

50% nearer to the UK industrial heartland.

Rail link East West A52. Crossing A1 and M1.

20 mins across to Norfolk v 2.5 hrs today.

East Anglia with South Lincolnshire – aligning with the Eastern Power House strategy.

The Wash provides a tidal area of 780sq Km for renewable energy production.

Opportunity for cruise ship tourism for York, Lincoln and Cambridge.

Joining Two Counties

Providing guardianship of the ecology of the Wash and Fenlands, its agriculture and the preservation of the natural habitat in the face of escalating climate change.

Container Terminal

The project includes a major container terminal for deep sea container traffic.

Renewable Tidal Energy

Tidal Renewable energy, Consistent and predictable energy via a Hydro-electric dam in the sea defence.

Visual Impact

Sea Lock for small commercial shipping/ I-Barges, pleasure craft and fishing vessels.
Arriving directly from the sea onto the east Norfolk coast will minimise the visual impact.

Climate Change

Without Centre Port, climate change will drive fiercer surge tides and torrential land side flooding which will devastate homes/ farms and industry in the "red area" impacting up to 1 million people.

The red area is only 1m to 2m above sea level. Normal tides are 4.5m above this. Frequent storm surges (2013 & 2020) at >6m have devastated Boston and Wainfleet.

The area represents 1/3rd of the UK vegetable growing industry which is currently at risk.

Future Fens estimate £1.8 billion is needed for Norfolk river bank upgrades/ new pumping systems.

Storm surges have been a regular event since the 13th century and will intensify with climate change.

Working with nature. The project will preserve the natural habitats, wading areas, and secure the existing ecology of The Wash.


Boston experiences its worst tidal surge flood in 30 years, devastating the town centre.


A storm surge in the North Sea and high waves brought flooding to the Norfolk Broads.


A sea flood which was more severe in the Netherlands, led to the Delta Works to protect Holland. Over 2,100 people drowned in the UK and Holland in addition to thousands of farm and domestic animals.

Flood Defence

The project provides a major flood defence for the whole of The Wash area, extending to Peterborough and Cambridge.

It preserves The Wash's natural areas for wildlife, which will otherwise be lost through climate change in 2 generations.

The road and flood defence structure connect Lincolnshire with Norfolk.

Container Terminal

Phase 1 = 1.5 million teu, state-of-the-art container terminal able to handle 23,000 teu ships (-20+m depth and +400m long).

Expansion to phase 2 = 2.6m teu and 2a = 4m teu.

Quad lift cranes provide high-performance loading/unloading/productivity when handling 23,000 teu vessels.

Quad lift STS cranes will pick up 4x20ft or 2x40ft containers on each lift.

Less time in port/ more time at sea.

The offshore location provides a high level of security and no land-side noise/ light or pollution.

Automated Container stack and sorting system. “Manufacturer to client” cargo tracking online.

RoRo service to Europe.

50% closer to the markets it serves in the East and West Midlands.

Tidal Energy

The UK is surrounded by tidal energy.

It's time to start using it.

The project falls in line with Government Policy for more renewable energy.

Renewable energy = job creation & levelling up.

La Rance tidal energy project has been operating since 1966.

Expression of interest for the power has been signed with Centrica.

Hydro Electric Energy

Unlike wind and solar, it is consistent and predictable energy from the Hydroelectric dam in the sea defence as tides are predictable for hundreds of years.

Long-term infrastructure that will last at least 200 years.

Simple, easy to access, and low-cost maintenance, unlike wind farms that need replacing every 25 years.

Green Hydrogen

Zero carbon and green hydrogen.

Production of green hydrogen for transport and farm machinery in the “food Valley” of the UK.

Manufacturing options using renewable energy.

Warehousing and distribution services run on renewable energy.


Levelling up: the project will create 1,000+ job opportunities during and after construction with 300+ full time skilled jobs within the port in south Lincolnshire.

Opportunities across the supply chain, international logistics, warehousing, freight forwarding and general logistics.

The green energy will create manufacturing opportunities across research and development.

Import/export trade opportunities, with enhanced logistics/rail infrastructure.

Development of marinas and construction of desirable waterside developments in The Wash.

Safe sailing, water sports and other recreational activities.

Norfolk will benefit from a new 6-mile West facing beach on the inner side of the construction.

Tourism will be enhanced by the structure cycle paths and community programs.

Local Economy

Retaining skills in the community.

Engagement with local education and universities.

Local multi-skill apprenticeship opportunities to develop young talent.

Regeneration and levelling up coastal towns such as Boston, Skegness, Kings Lynn, and Wisbech.

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Centre Port Viability

It will be a global showcase project for the UK

Multiple income streams ensure a viable development.

Tidal Energy. Energy for all.

International trade.

Significant employment opportunity.

Strategic port investment.