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Centre Port Viability

It will be a showcase project for the UK

The World’s first tidal-powered container terminal. Handles the largest 23,000 teu ships/ RoRo/ Bulk/ I-Barges.

Multiple income streams offer a viable development

Power Offtake, Container Terminal income, Road Tolls, Flood defence Offset, Green Hydrogen, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Rail operations.

Tidal energy

Power output is estimated at 800 GWH. Up to 600,000 homes.  450,000 tons Carbon OffsetA major UK Utility co has expressed interest in buying the power. Consistent power production. Unlike wind and solar.Long term infrastructure that lasts 200 years+ (Wind 25 years) Simple, easy to access, low cost maintenance.

Energy for all

Production of Green Hydrogen (GH) for the farming industry to power farm equipment. Decarbonising farming.GH for truck, rail and car fuels.Renewable energy for electric vehicles/ on site charging points. Option to add solar panels on the structure and a wind farm for more power.

Significant employment opportunity

1,000+ jobs during construction, 300+ specialist jobs on the container terminal and more for power production, plus Site Administration/ Rail Head/ Security/ Maintenance etc.